Glogou provides the Most Effective and Complete digital and mobile marketing solutions for you to reach more customers. Our solutions are based on our unique innovative international market opportunity discovery technology, professional SEM and social media marketing services.


How Can Glogou Help You?

Glogou helps you attract customers from all over the nation

As a technology leader in digital, social and mobile marketing, we have successfully served clients from multiple industries, including but not limited to tourism, real estate, luxury goods/life style products, education and high-tech sales, with excellent results since Glogou's inception.

Glogou is dedicated to help you obtain more leads at lower cost through:

  • Highly effective PPC (Pay Per Click) : targeted ad campaigns at specific business segments/demographics, on major web portals, as well as mobile ad platforms
  • Complete Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Market research with Market Signal Processing

Our 24-hour service guarantees quick response and feedback no matter where you are.

A Few Selected Clients

Intel IBM surterreproperties
the university of queensland madrone SouthCarolina
Centre Point Hospitality Hard Rock Hotel Marriott San Mateo

News from ChinaDaily:

"Services like Glogou can help incumbents gain more ads and more revenue, thereby increasing their ability to keep the Chinese search market competitive" - professor Edelman at Harvard Business School.     read more...

News from MercuryNews:

"In the five months since we launched our Chinese site (with help of Glogou), we've had 8,000 visits (to the website) from the China geographic area," said Paula Ansara-Wilhelm, co-founder of Surterre Properties. "In the four years prior, we only had a total of 7,000 visits."     read more...