Looking for effective China Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions? We can help you achieve the Highest Conversion Rate on Baidu.com (the #1 search engine in China) through our Advanced Chinese Keyword Optimization technology. We can also provide you with successful marketing solutions to attract targeted customers from Weibo.com (China's #1 social network).

Our Services

  • Adwords on Baidu.com
  • Adsense on Baidu.com
  • Language Assistance
  • SEO and keyword optimization
  • Mobile advertising in China
  • China market opportunities research
  • Website performance monitoring in Asia
  • Offline channel marketing


  • Search PPC Ad Network
  • Display Ad Network
  • Maximize SEM
  • Utilize Mobile Ad Network


We provide complete services for you to run an EFFECTIVE Baidu campaign, including Baidu SEO and language assistance. The Baidu ad platform is created for the China market so it has only a Chinese language interface. We have created the world's 1st English language interface for the Baidu ad management platform.

Your advertisement can reach 700 million internet users and 900 million mobile phone users across China through:

Search Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Network:

Baidu dominates the on-line search market in China and attracts more than 400 million internet users in China every day. Its advertisement programs are very similar to Google’s Adwords. We can help you pick the most attractive keywords to deliver your message to non-English-speaking Chinese consumers. We can fit your advertisements into the local mindset so that you are spared the hassle of trying to understand a different culture.

Further, our SEO experts can help your website rank high on a Baidu search, just as we have made our site www.ac-baidu.com rank first on Google if you search on “advertise on Baidu.”

Display Ad Network:

Your advertisements can be delivered through various forms of display ads such as banner ads or floating ads.

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