Glogou is a world leader in creating technologies and services to help small to medium-sized global companies tap into Asia's wealth by acquiring high quality sales leads through integrated online, mobile and offline marketing solutions.

Our Services

  • Advertising on
  • SEO and keyword recommendations
  • Chinese advertising
  • Website access optimization
  • Offline channel marketing

Our Markets

  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Chinese advertising
  • Luxury goods/life style products
  • Education service
  • High-tech equipments

Our Mission

To provide the best technology and services to enable businesses to discover profitable international market opportunities, reaching global customers with the most effective possible marketing solutions.

Our Services

Glogou helps you to reach China and Asia customers with high purchasing power and eager appetites for quality global products and services. As the first in the industry to provide English-language Search Engine Marketing in China, we enable non-China business to run Baidu advertising campaigns. Glogou has successfully served clients from many industries including, but not limited to real estate, tourism, luxury goods/life style products, education and high-tech equipments from all over the world with excellent results. We help our clients to reach customers from China and Asia.

Our Technologies

Glogou develops cloud-based Big Data business intelligence solutions. These technologies enable a business to discover profitable international markets and do EFFECTIVE international marketing and advertising. Some of our products:

We are the 1st company in the world to apply a special kind of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, originally developed at Stanford University, to digital advertising to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Our Company

Glogou is a USA corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Boston and Beijing.
Our team includes experienced business people and very talented engineers.

Our Guarantee

We provide the most effective China and Asia marketing solutions to help you attract Asia customers with the highest conversion rates.